Yapay ga Djäma Ŋatha Djamarrkuḻiw'

Sister is Making Food for the Children

Yapay ga djäma djamarrkuḻiw' ŋatha.
Sister is making food for the children.

Dhukun Yapay ga djäma bukmakku.
Sister is cleaning up everyone’s rubbish.

Ga Yapay djäma gopi yolŋuw.
Sister is making coffee for someone.

Warrakan' Yapay ga djäma bäpaw.
Sister is cooking a meat (bird) for father.

Ga Yapay djäma gunga bathiw.
Sister is making a pandanus basket.

Yapay ga djäma gurtha ŋarirriw'.
Sister is making a fire (to cook) fish.

Guṉḏirr Yapay ga djäma miyapunuw.
Sister is collecting stones (to cook) the turtle.

Yapay gätniŋur djäma ga.
Sister is working in the garden.

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