Yol yolŋu ga nhina wäŋaŋur? Yolŋu walal barpuru ga nhina wäŋaŋur, nyaŋ'thun walal ga ŋarirri'.
Who are those people staying at home? Yesterday some people were sitting at home eating fish.

Yol marrtji marthaŋaylil? Ŋathi barpuru marrtji marthaŋaylil.
Who was walking to the boat? Yesterday grandfather was walk- ing to the boat.

Yolthu djäma mutika? Bäpay ga djäma mutika.
Who is working on the car? Father is working on the car.

Yol ga dhärra gungaŋur? Yapa ga dhärra gungaŋur, nhäma ŋayi ga weṯi' gungalil.
Who is standing by the pandanus? Sister is standing by the pandanus, looking at the wallaby coming to the pandanus.

Yol ga ŋorra? Maṉḏa barpuru ga ŋorra galkun wäŋaŋur.
Who is sleeping? Yesterday those two were sleeping waiting at home.

Yol ga dhärra dharpaŋur? Detuŋ barpuru ga dhärra dharpaŋur, nhäma ŋayi ga walalaŋ mutika.
Who is standing by the tree? Yesterday a buffalo was stand- ing by the tree, looking at those people's car.

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