Buku Manapan - Big Ideas

3 year cycle program for teaching the Indigenous Languages and Culture Curriculum.

About Buku Manapan

The ILC Curriculum at Shepherdson College is planned around 12 topics. Delivered over 3 years, each term has a specific topic with resources to support the delivery of ILC Curriculum across the school. Each topics allow students to explore concepts deeply and comprehensively at a number of developmental stages. The 3 year plan ensures content is not repeated and that the LPC can identify and create culturally relevant supporting material.

Shepherdson College students explore 12 topics that weave together culturally relevant concepts and curriculum specific ideas to deliver key learning outcomes.  

Books & Wordlists

Every term the LPC team identifies and creates books and associated resources to support both in class learning and teachers awareness and familiarity with the topic.

Cultural Resources & Posters

Available to download or printed (upon request) teachers can select from posters, charts and activities to support cultural concepts in the classroom.


2024 Topics

Warraw' ga Gurrkurr
Our Family Tree

ILC Curriculum Key Ideas:
CL: Students know their own and other people's relationships to Country.
P&K: Students understand the ways they relate to family, extended kinship groups 
and Country.
P&K: Growing up healthy, happy and strong.
Warrakan', Wäŋa ga Dhukun
Animals, Landscapes & Waste

ILC Curriculum Key Ideas:
NE: Knowing and understanding the importance and ways of caring for Country.
NE: How to 'read the land' to find and prepare traditional bush foods.
NE: 'Reading the land' to find water.

ILC Curriculum Key Ideas:
CL: Students identify how people live on Country now and in the past.
NE: Understand traditional technologies and how they were and are used.
Man'tjarr ga Wurrki'
Leaves and flowers

ILC Curriculum Key Ideas:
NE: Cycles and passengers of time: seasons, day/night, moon and stars, tides.
P&K Growing up healthy, happy and strong
NE: Identifying and preparing traditional bush medicines

Curriculum Outcomes 
across the year

CL: Students identify their Dreaming stories, songs and dances.