YM Levelled Reading Program

The philosphy behind the bilingual program is to allow children to read and write competently in their own language before making them attempt another second language which they will be less familiar with. In this case the second language is English, and the children officially learn to read and write in this language in Year 4.

Our culture, our traditions, our language are
the foundations upon which we build our identity.

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Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
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Level 8
1. Dhuwal Nyoka’
2. Ŋarrpiya Dhuwal
3. Maŋutji
4. Ŋunha Nyiknyik
5. Ŋarirri'
6. Boṉba'
7. Ŋarra Mayawa
8. Ŋayaŋu
9. Yindi Detuŋ
10. Gälkal Nymukuṉiny'
11. Minyṯji'mirr Djaṯam
12. Wiyin' Waṯu
13. Yothumirr Buḻanybirr
14. Ḻaḻu Ŋunha
15. Nhämunha Ḻuku?
16. Dhurrpa Bäpi
17. Djukurrmirr Djanda
18. Märrma Muthali’
19. Bäru
20. Wäŋa ga Djäma
21. Wäŋa Gärr’wu
22. Gangul Guŋurru’
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