Yolŋu'-yulŋu Mala, Baman'puy Girri', Buku-djuḻkmaranhamirr Yäku Mala

People, Old Tools and Trade Wordlist

Prepared by J. Galpagalpa, D. Wanymuli, M. Wilkinson and L. de Veer.
Illustrations by Andie Clements, Jo-Anne Thorne, Zhou Xiaoping, and
Kenisha Gadatharryurwuy.
Compiled by Emma Smolenaers, Sherilyn Dhamarraṉdji, Assistant Teachers and Andie Clements with assistance from Daisy Goṉḏarra and Fred Munyirinyir.
Design by Andie Clements.

Published in 1984 as the chapters 'Human Classifications' and 'Artifacts' in Dhuwal Djambarrpuyŋu Dhäruk Mala Ga Mayali' printed and published by Yirrkala Community School LPC. Additional entries compiled into 'Buku-Djuḻkmaranhamirr' chapter by Emma Smolenaers, Assistant Teachers and Andie Clements from Alan Walkers' Macassan influence on Aboriginal languages and culture of Northern Australia paper July 1987.

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