Walal barpuru bathan maypal gurthalil

Yesterday They Cooked Shellfish in the Fire

Page 2

Yolŋu walal barpuru marrtji raŋilil maypalwu.
Yesterday they went to the beach for shellfish.

Page 4

Marrtji walal barpuru, bala walal barpuru nhina raŋiŋur.
They went yesterday, then they sat at the beach.

Page 6

Buma walal barpuru gurtha, bala walal barpuru marrtji maypallil.
They collected firewood yesterday, then they went for shellfish.

Page 8

Buma walal marrtji barpuru maypal dharrwa. Bala walal barpuru maypal gäma raŋilil.
They went and collected lots of shellfish yesterday. They carried them to the beach.

Page 10

Djäma walal barpuru gurtha, bala walal barpuru bathan maypal gurthalil.
They made a fire yesterday, then they cooked the shellfish on the fire.

Page 12

Galkun walal barpuru maypalwu, bala walal barpuru nyaŋ'thun.
They waited for the shellfish yesterday, then they ate them.

Page 14

Bala walal barpuru marrtji wäŋalil.
Then they went home yesterday.