Garramat Mala Yäku

Sky and Seasons Wordlist

Published in 1984 as the chapters 'Artifacts - Travel', 'Water - Tides', 'Land and Sky' in Dhuwal Djambarrpuyŋu Dhäruk Mala Ga Mayali' printed and published by Yirrkala Community School LPC.

Prepared by J. Galpagalpa, D. Wanymuli, M. Wilkinson and L. de Veer.
Compiled by Emma Smolenaers, Classroom Assistant Teachers and
Andie Clements.

Illustrations by Jeffery Ranhdhakpuy, Brian Minydjirriwuy (coloured by Andie Clements and Kenisha Gadatharryurwuy) and Andie Clements.

Worksheets and Resources