Baṯthurr Gurtha Nhaltjan dhu Bathan Ŋatha

Food, Cooking and Fire Wordlist

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Ground work for part of the section "Food, Cooking and Fire" of this book comes from the work of Wanymuli 1 and Melanie Wilkinson in 1980. Over 1981/82 many people from Galiwin'ku have further contributed to the information in this booklet and I would like especially to mention Galpagalpa 1 and his wives, the Yolŋu teachers at school, Garriṉba, Warrayak and other friends at the hospital and Gulipawuy.

If you think I have misunderstood any of the words, or if you think there are important words missing, etc., please let me know or write them down in the book itself. Thankyou.

L. de Veer

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