Gäma Limurr ga Gurtha Raŋilil

We are Carrying the Firewood to the Beach

Gäma limurr ga gurtha raŋilil.
We are carrying firewood to the beach.

Limurr ga gäma warraw'lil ŋatha.
We are carrying the food into the shade.

Biḻayinlil limurr gäma ga bathi.
We are carrying the bags to the plane.

Gäma limurr ga guṉḏa gurthalil.
We are carrying stones to the fire.

Limurr ga gäma gapulil banikin.
We are carrying billies to the water.

Gäma limurr ga ḏakul ḏiltjilil.
We are carrying an axe to the bush (to get honey).

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