Gungapuy Dhäwu' ga Miny'tji Mala Gungaw

Dyes for Pandanus

Dhuwandja dhäwu gungapuy, wanhal nhe dhu gunga maḻŋ'maram ga miny'tji mala gungaw. Dhuwal mala miny'tjiny gungawnydja gam':


yellow - buthalak


red - miku

Watharr buyu 

white - watharr

This story is about where you find pandanus and dyes for making baskets.

These are the colours for pandanus: 

Guṉinyi - Yellow (Great Morinda, Morinda Citrifola) 

Yiriŋaniŋ - Red (Red Stemmed Lily, Haemodorum Brevicaulo) 

Watharr - White or Natural

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