Dhuwal Napurr Wukirriŋur

Here we are at school

Dhuwal napurr wukirriŋur.   Here we are at school.

Dhuwal napurr wäŋaŋur.   Here we are at home.

Dhuwal napurr marthaŋayŋur.   Here we are in the boat.

Dhuwal napurr do'ŋur.   Here we are at the store.

Dhuwal napurr dharpaŋur.   Here we are in the tree.

Dhuwal napurr bukuŋur.   Here we are on the hill.

Dhuwal napurr warraw'ŋur.   Here we are in the shade.

Dhuwal napurr raŋiŋur.   Here we are at the beach.