Nyumukuṉiny Garkman

"The Little Frog"

Nyumukuṉiny Garkman
"The little frog"

Page 3

Waŋganymirr gan nhinan garkman, yurr nhanŋu bäyŋu ŋäṉḏi'mirriŋuny. Nhanŋu ŋäṉḏi'mirriŋuny dhiŋgaŋal ŋunhi ŋayi nyumukuṉiny muka yan.

Once upon a time, there lived a little frog, but its mother passed away when it was just a little baby.

Page 5

Waŋganymirr ŋayi marrtjin bala nyiknyikkal wäŋalil, bal'yurr nhanŋu ŋayi ŋathaw. Nhanŋu ŋuriki nyiknyikkuny wäŋany gan dhärran bukuŋur. Ŋal'yurr ŋayi marrtjin ŋunhi nyumukuṉiny'tja garkman burnha ŋayi nhanŋu bunan. Wutthu'wutthurr ŋayi nhanŋu wäŋa dhurrwara, bala ŋayi dhawaṯthurra.

One day it went to a mouse's house to look for food. The house was on top of a hill. The little frog climbed up the hill and arrived at the mouse's house. It knocked on the door and out came the mouse.

Page 7

"Nha way buwa nhaku nhe dhuwal marrtjin ŋarrakal wäŋalil?" "Ŋathaw ŋarra dhuwal nhuŋu baḻ'yurr."
"Yol bili nhe dhuwal?", bitjarr ŋayi nyiknyik.
"Ŋarra dhuwal nyumukuṉiny garkman, yurr ŋarra dhuwal ŋäṉḏimiriw."

Ga ŋayiny nyiknyiktja waŋan,  "Yaka dhuwal ŋarra nhunu marŋginy. Yurr bäydhin, mak nhe dhu gärrin dhipal ŋarrakal wäŋalil, bili nhe dhuwali djaṉŋarrthin."

"What's up mate, why have you come to my house?" asked the mouse.
"I want you to give me food," said the little frog. "I am a little frog and I have no mother".
"I don't know you but that doesn't matter, just come in because you are hungry."

Page 9

Bala ŋayi ŋunhi nyumukuṉiny'tja garkman gärrinan nhanukal wäŋalil, bala ŋayi gan ŋathan nyaŋ'thurr nyiknyikkuŋun.

The little frog went into the mouse's house and ate some of its food.

Page 11

Ga ŋunhi ŋayi dhawar'yurr ŋathaŋurnydja, ga ŋayi nyiknyik waŋan nhanukal bitjarr, "Way wäŋany marrtji dhuwal galki munhawuyirra ga nhaltjanna nheny dhu?""Yow, yakan ŋarra marŋgi."
Ga ŋayi ŋunhi nyiknyik waŋan bitjarr.
"Nhämirr nhe ŋuli ŋorri dhiyalnydja ŋarrakalnydja wäŋaŋur."
"Yo marrkapmirr biyakiyi ŋarraku ḻunduthi, bili ŋarra dhuwal ḻundumiriw."
Bala ŋayi gan ŋunhilin nhinan bitjarra ḻinygu ŋurikala nyiknyikkala ŋunhiyiny nyumukuṉiny'tja garkman.

When it finished eating the mouse said, "Hey, it's getting dark, what will you do now?"
"I don't know," answered the frog.
The mouse said, "Well, you can stay at my house."
"Thank you for that because I do not have a friend."

From then on, the frog lived with the mouse for the rest of its life.