Gurtha ga Wäŋa Mala Yäku

Fire and Country Wordlist

First published in 1984 as the chapters 'Food, Cooking and Fire', 'Artifacts - For Camp Use', 'Land and Sky' in Dhuwal Djambarrpuyŋu Dhäruk Mala Ga Mayali' printed and published by Yirrkala Community School LPC. Additional entries compiled into Chapters from Dhuwal Djambarrpuyŋu Dhäruk Mala Ga Mayali' by Andie Clements

Prepared by J. Galpagalpa, D. Wanymuli, M. Wilkinson and L. de Veer. Compiled by Emma Smolenaers, Andie Clements, Fred Munyirinyir, Classroom Assistant Teachers and Learning on Country Staff.

Illustrations by Jo-Anne Thorne, Margaret Muṯuwili, Andie Clements and Emma Smolenaers.

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