Djikiny' Ŋuli Buḻ'yun Ŋunhi Djamarrkuḻi' Barrku!

Maggots Play When The Children Are Away!

Did you know that maggots play when the children are away?

At the end of the school day, that’s when the lights go off!

Yet only moments pass, and the lights go on!

It’s time for maggots to look around. It’s time to explore. It’s time to learn!

Into the draws. It’s time to see. It’s time find out, what are these things?

“So much in here, so much to see! Let’s do it all. Let’s do everything!” called out one maggot.

It’s time for pencils. It’s time for colours. Let’s draw!

It’s time for writing. It’s time for rirrakay. Come on let’s go!

It’s time for books. It’s time to look. Let’s read!

It’s internet time. It’s computer time. Let’s search!

It’s time for music. It’s stereo time. Let’s dance!

Suddenly, the maggots called out to each other, “Hey! Footsteps coming!”

It’s a new school day and the children return.

The lights go off!

But only moments pass, and the lights go on!!

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