Ḏatam ga Ŋäṉḏi Marrtjin Ṉäkuw

Ḏatam and Mother prepare for bark painting

This is Ḏatam's  mother. Her name is Raŋan.
This is Ḏatam's father. His name is Ḏawu.
One morning they all went and helped mother go and get bark for painting. They drove for a long time until they came to a place by a river.
Mother and father chopped a big long bark.
Nhawi barked at something in the bush.
Ḏatam helped mother chop a small bark.
Here they are both putting bark on the fire and then placing it to make it flat.
The next day her mother started painting a story on bark. Ḏatam did the same on a little bark.
The following day they saw white footprints made with white clay all over the floor and on the bark, a dog’s footprints! “Hey! Look what Nhawi’s done!” they all shouted.
“Wow, it’s lovely isn’t it?” said Ḏatam. She looked at her own bark. “I will finish Nhawi's painting.”
And she did.